"Our daughter began studying with Katherine in March 2017.  As a performer, I have seen a lot of growth in her and a huge boost in her confidence while performing.  Her technique and voice have improved greatly since studying with Katherine.  Not only is she an awesome voice coach, but Katherine is also an amazing friend/mentor to her students.  She empowers them to use their voices in so many different ways.  I'm grateful my daughter has a coach/mentor like Katherine in her life." - CJ
"Katherine Taylor has such a gift with young performers; she is a talented teacher and mentor who connects with them on their level, wherever that may be.  Our teenage daughter, who was once too shy to sing in front of anyone, has gained both skill and confidence in her two years at KST Studio.  I was moved to tears when I heard her first recital performance. It felt as if the caged bird had finally sung!  We are thankful for KST Studio of Voice." - LS
"Two of our children have spent several years under Katherine's professional guidance. Both our daughters are interested in professionally pursuing the arts, so professional instruction was a must! Currently, our youngest is studying with KST.  From the very first lesson, which was a 'trial' lesson, she said she learned something! Katherine is a teacher who is serious about her instruction and holds her singers to high expectations as well as high accountability. At the same time, she is an encourager. She pushes the kids, but they feel good about their experience. That makes them strive to improve. She also offers a mid-year 'showcase' that is different than we've seen anywhere else.  It's not just a voice recital- it's an experience! We are fortunate to have her in the Murfreesboro area." - BT
"We are so grateful for Katherine Taylor and how she invests in our daughter.  She has grown musically because of this experience, but she has also grown in confidence beyond what was expected.  She enjoys the challenges presented for growth and the opportunities afforded her through the KST Studio of Voice.  We see and hear growth in her at each performance.   We enjoy the variety of opportunities she can be a part of, as well as the intentional work focused on at each lesson.  We are also grateful for the monthly scheduling that takes place so that our daughter can be involved in other activities she enjoys as well." - TJ
"We are so grateful that our daughter was accepted as one of Katherine's students. In the short amount of time since joining, I've seen her vocal strength and range grow leaps and bounds. From the moment we had a consultation with Katherine, our daughter had so much excitement in taking voice lessons. You can tell that Katherine enjoys what she does because she wants her students to be their best selves; she is not just doing a job." - MT
"Katherine is amazing in every way! Not only is she a talented voice coach but a talented performer as well! She has helped me grow in so many ways in the many years that I’ve been her student! She’s wonderful with kids of all experience levels, ages, and vocal styles! I’m so happy to know her!" -SJ
"At KST Studio of Voice we not only found the help and guidance that our daughter needed, but also a supportive and encouraging studio family.  Mrs. Taylor has built her studio foundation with a love for each student that not only exceeds their singing endeavors but also includes their lives. Her teaching manner promotes hard work, responsibility, commitment, and dedication. All traits that no doubt will help them in all aspects of life.  As far as individual results, almost four years later, our daughter has sung at countless events and performances and even sung as part of a choir at Carnegie Hall in New York City. We could not be more proud of her and we, as parents, credit these accomplishments to the guidance, support, encouragement and teaching she has received from Katherine. Murfreesboro and the Middle Tennessee area grow in population every day. If you are looking for a quality studio and voice coach, you have many good options. However, if you want the best, you will want to be a part of the KST family." -TA
"KST Studio of Voice is amazing in so many ways!  My daughter's voice range has improved drastically in the 3 years she has studied here.   However, the encouragement, long term goal planning, high school and college preparation and overall high level of professionalism is truly what makes this studio stand out.  Students rise to the expectations presented to them.  This studio expects her to succeed, grow, be humble, and to appreciate the blessings God has given her.  - KS
"It was important to us that our daughter learn good vocal technique so that she did not damage her voice, especially since she started singing at such a young age.  She has taken voice lessons from Katherine for almost nine years.  In that time, her vocal abilities have grown by leaps and bounds.  Through the training and instruction, Katherine provides, her range has increased, she has learned to project, her head voice and belt have improved- she is a better technical singer.  She has learned to analyze a piece of music and make the story come to life.  Katherine pours her heart into her students and has created a positive environment where the students can not only grow in their craft but as individuals.  Katherine has both a professional and personal integrity that we trust completely.  The encouragement and instruction she provides have allowed our daughter to reach levels we never thought possible. " - LH