PROBLEM: My child wants to learn to play piano, BUT...

  1. Hates practicing on his or her own.

  2. Thinks lessons are boring.

  3. Gets frustrated learning music at home.

  4. It takes too long to get through beginner piano books.

  5. It just feels like MORE homework.


SOLUTION: Our unique and innovative approach to piano instruction!

Results Matter

Students Will:

  • Move through beginner piano books faster!

  • Learn all of their music DURING their weekly lesson so they leave feeling accomplished!

  • Enjoy playing piano on their own since it will no longer feel boring, frustrating and confusing.

  • Focus on creativity, music appreciation and enjoyment while learning to play an instrument! 



Meet Andrea

Professional Pianist,

Music Director &

Lead Piano Instructor

Andrea Yohe, a professional collaborative pianist, music director, and piano instructor is a graduate of MTSU where she received a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Theatre and minoring in its prestigious, nationally recognized Recording Industry program. Andrea has proudly worked with various renowned theatres and Universities in middle TN including, Trevecca University, Circle Players, Nashville Children's Theatre, Centennial High School, Siegel High School, Cannon County Arts Center, and Murfreesboro's Center for the Arts. Andrea is a resident collaborative pianist for MTSU's theatre department- accompanying and music directing their main stage shows and various other performances.


With 10 years teaching experience, Andrea enjoys sharing her love of music and piano with her students by celebrating the uniqueness of each young musician! As an educator with Murfreesboro Accelerated Piano Lab, she prides herself on recognizing various learning styles and customizing each student's piano lesson curriculum accordingly - drawing from their strengths, interests and individual personality! 

What students are saying about

Accelerated Piano Lab!

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Piano Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Piano Lessons?

$150/month - which includes weekly lessons and access to all MAPL performance opportunities and special studio events (singer/songwriting camps, theory & Nashville number system classes, masterclasses with professional pianists, “performance field trips”, etc) - all of which are exclusive to MAPL!


How long are Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons are an hour-long (twice as long as traditional lessons!) and meet weekly.


What is “accelerated” about this approach to piano?

What makes this accelerated program different than traditional piano lessons?

Simply: our students learn to play piano faster than in traditional lessons! Since they spend more time in the studio with our instructors, move through the beginner books faster and on to the music they WANT to play sooner. They learn ALL music in their weekly lessons so practice time at home is easy and fun  - not boring or frustrating. 


Where are you located?

120 E Main St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 On the Murfreesboro Square!


What lesson days/times are available?

We currently have only a few spots open for new students! All updated lesson availability is indicated on the registration form. Click HERE to view openings and claim your spot before they are gone!



Do students perform in recitals?

YES! Creating fun and unique performance experiences for students is one of our studio’s defining characteristics! Each year we offer a variety of performance opportunities including: video-recorded performances, formal in-person recitals, coffeeshop jam sessions, outreach shows for local charities and retirement communities, and more!


At what age can we begin lessons?

5 years old! 


Do students need any piano/music experience to begin?

Nope! Start anytime, no matter your piano/music background or lack thereof!


Do you teach Adults?

YES! Adults make even faster progress in our already Accelerated program which is exciting and fun for students and instructors!


What kind of music do students play?

Classical, Disney, pop, musical theatre, jazz, rock tunes… Because our instructors are not only excellent teachers but also professional musicians, they have first-hand experience teaching and performing a variety of musical genres!  Our goal is for students to play what they LOVE and because our accelerated piano students move through their beginner books FASTER, they start playing the music they are interested in SOONER. 

Have a different question?